Last of my remixes with Mischief

It’s taken some time, but I’ve finally completed the remix work on the prior tunes by replacing the “synthesized” brass and winds with real thing.  Once again, many thanks to Danny Flam and!

This is Mischief – the very first tune written way back in early 2006… Must admit, it’s interesting to work on the old stuff because so much has changed in my technique and approach since then – I’d like to think for the better.  So our next step is to send the last three tunes off to Mastering and then they’ll be no excuse for not writing NEW MUSIC…

New music has been slow going as of late as the day job has been getting in the way… but as with anything, absence makes the heart grow fonder so I’m sincerely looking forward to crafting some of the many riffs I have going in the background into something cohesive.   In other words, more to follow, and yes – you can hold me to that!

4 Responses to “Last of my remixes with Mischief”

  1. Amanda Aselia Says:

    Sounds great, hope to hear more from you soon!

  2. Johnathan Noah Says:

    Nice remix!

  3. Adrian Says:

    Many thanks!

  4. YMCMB Says:

    I love listening to this remix.

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I am a professional hobbyist when it comes to this.   Though my relationship with the piano began at a young age, I only recently pulled off the gloves to rekindle it and haven’t looked back since.   This was partly inspired by huge advancements in music production technology now available to all  – and from the comfort and privacy of your home!   I’ve never subscribed much to job titles so I won’t attempt to label my genre.  Besides, composing music mirrors life in that there are really only two ways to write a song: your way, and the wrong way. 

Thank you for your interest and encouragement.