How Smart is your Music?

I stumbled upon a recent article that I wanted to share…  Apparently, a CalTech Ph.D. student and hacker extraordinaire, Virgil Griffith, has conducted an interesting study which relates music preferences to SAT scores.  If nothing else, it’s an amusing illustration, and not surprisingly most bands sit within the 1000 to 1150 score range because that’s fairly representative of average scores for college bound students – if memory serves me correct.

For me, the problem with this inferred relationship between intelligence and musical preference is that intelligence remains relatively static in relation to musical preference(s), which evolve over time.  For example, Jazz is listed on the low-end of the spectrum – but clearly, the majority of jazz aficionados are well beyond an age bracket coping with SAT scores.  And, with all due respect to Beethoven hovering alone in the rare air of north of 1350, if you’re obsessed with Ludwig at this age, you probably need to get a life and savor your youth!   I’m also intrigued by the apparent gap between 1250 and 1350 – how can that be so?   I hope that doesn’t imply being “tasteless” because that’s about where yours truly landed :(



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I am a professional hobbyist when it comes to this.   Though my relationship with the piano began at a young age, I only recently pulled off the gloves to rekindle it and haven’t looked back since.   This was partly inspired by huge advancements in music production technology now available to all  – and from the comfort and privacy of your home!   I’ve never subscribed much to job titles so I won’t attempt to label my genre.  Besides, composing music mirrors life in that there are really only two ways to write a song: your way, and the wrong way. 

Thank you for your interest and encouragement.